01.Las Salinas, Gofman, Tsukerman – El Clasico
02.AYDA – Legend
03.Armin Van Buuren feat. Ana Criado – I’ll Listen [THE HIT OF THE WEEK END]
04.Broning feat. Antyha – Divine
05.Andrew Bayer – Monolith (Maor Levi remix)
06.Damian Wasse, Specific Slice – Supernova Explosion
07.Lee Thornton – Reminiscent
08.Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase – Spirits
09.Simon Patterson feat. Sarah Howells – Here & Now
10.Fady & Mina – Kepler 22
11.Alexander One & Davide Battista – Trance Status Elevated
12.Mac & Taylor – The Shed (Mark Pledger remix)